Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tadpaoge Tadpalo BARKHA (1959).mp4

Binaca Geet Mala

I was always fond of good Music. I still love Good Music, Soong, Lyrics and Poems. My ears still have a memory of my childhood when my mother will finish all the cooking , set table for the whole family to eat in the living room. Binaca Geet Mala used to come around 8 PM on Wednesday. That was the only day we were supposed to eat in the living room in India. My mother a Kashmiri Beauty was lover of good music. Since Dad was always out of station due to his Job, my mother used to sing lot of songs from Binaca Geet Mala .
When Dad a Rajput man tall fair skin and most attractive personality would come back from his Job, he also had to bent down her wishes to eat in the living room while he was also good singer. I remember when dad used to sing for my mother " Eh Meri Zohara Zabi Tujhae Maloom nahi
Second song he used to sing " Chadavi ka Chand ho" Guess What People I still remember and have memory of Bianca Geet Mala. So I am going to start this Blog for Binaca Geet Mala and the Voice of Ameen Syani. No one ever has born yet better than Ameen Syani. This Blog is dedicated to Ameen Syanai. Ameen Syani Hosted Binaca Geet Mala and listening ranging from 900,000 to 2,000,00 On this blog I like to add the song as per request. We will do our best to find the song of your request. Please write me on this E mail if you like to hear apka pharmayashi nagma
Thanks for Visting my Blog.. Love Kamlesh Chauhan a writer, Poet and Novelist.